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50 Lecture for SAT/PSAT Math (Old Version, Volume 1, pdf file)



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Logical reasoning (click to see the sample file)                            1

Chapter 2 Consecutive integers                                                                       27

Chapter 3 Even and odd                                                                                   39

Chapter 4 Sets and Venn diagram                                                                   53

Chapter 5 Counting techniques                                                                        72

Chapter 6 Sequences and series                                                                        91

Chapter 7 Divisibility                                                                                        114

Chapter 8 Operations with percents                                                               128

Chapter 9 Factors (click to see the sample file)                                             149
Chapter 10 Operations with fractions                                                            164
Chapter 11 Operations with decimals                                                             182
Chapter 12 Prime numbers                                                                              198
Chapter 13 Ratio rate proportion                                                                    211

Chapter 14 Least Common Multiple And Greatest Common Factor          229
Chapter 15 Remainder                                                                                      245

 Index                                                                                                                  264


"Fifty Lectures for SAT and PSAT Math" consists of exercises and concepts modeled off of real SAT and PSAT math tests. Each chapter focuses on a topic commonly tested in SAT and PSAT math sections, and provides numerous problems with detailed solutions designed to improve and solidify your understanding of the topic as well as improve your math skills and boost your SAT and PSAT math scores.
After going through our book along with taking the 10 official SAT practice tests in the book "The Official SAT Study Guide" published by College Board, you should be more than prepared to achieving a perfect score on the SAT and PSAT math sections.