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MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition Practice (PDF FILES)






1. Mathcounts Chapter Competition Practice Test 1                                     1

Sprint Round                                                                                      1

Target Round                                                                                      8

Answer keys                                                                                       13

Solutions                                                                                             14


2. Mathcounts Chapter Competition Practice Test 2                                     28

Sprint Round                                                                                      28

Target Round                                                                                      34

Answer keys                                                                                       39

Solutions                                                                                             40


3. Mathcounts Chapter Competition  Practice Test 3                                     54

Sprint Round                                                                                      54

Target Round                                                                                      60

Answer keys                                                                                       65

Solutions                                                                                             66


4. Mathcounts Chapter Competition  Practice Test 4                                     80

Sprint Round                                                                                      80

Target Round                                                                                      86

Answer keys                                                                                       91

Solutions                                                                                             92


5. Mathcounts Chapter Competition  Practice Test 5                                     106

Sprint Round                                                                                      106

Target Round                                                                                      114

Answer keys                                                                                       119

Solutions                                                                                             120


Index                                                                                                               136


This book can be used by 6th to 8th grade students preparing for Mathcounts Chapter and State Competitions.


This book contains a collection of five sets of practice tests for MATHCOUNTS Chapter (Regional) competitions, including Sprint and Target rounds. One or more detailed solutions are included for every problem.


We would also like to thank the following people who kindly reviewed the manuscripts and made valuable suggestions and corrections: Kevin Yang (IA), Skyler Wu (CA), Reece Yang (IA ), Kelly Li (IL), Geoffrey Ding (IL), Raymond Suo (KY), Sreeni Bajji (MI), Yashwanth Bajji (MI), Ying Peng, Ph.D, (MN), Eric Lu (NC), Akshra Paimagam (NC), Sean Jung (NC), Melody Wen (NC), Esha Agarwal (NC), Jason Gu (NJ), Daniel Ma (NY), Yiqing Shen (TN), Chris Kan (VA), Evan Ling (VA), Tristan Ma  (VA), and Lizzie Zhou (VA).


Please email us at mymathcounts@gmail.com if you see any typos or mistakes or you have a different solution to any of the problems in the book. We really appreciate your help in improving the book.